Monday, July 23, 2012


Solva River lies at the foot of the lane running to Middle Mill

Narrow lanes

A splendid holiday, the weather was good most of the time, we managed to see various members of our family on that first day in Wiltshire, we saw Jennie and husband next day, and then managed to guide our friends round, or at least to several cromlechs, though they did not get to see the 'sacred' spring on Carn Meyn because of the 'swamp' they encountered on the side of the outcrop, though they saw the solitary hawthorn marking the place.
It was a joy to see Jennie and Keith again, Jennie as ebullient as ever even though she was still ill, and we sat round the kitchen table and there was a great discussion on archaeology and the 'way out' theories that still attend such marvels as the bluestones.  Our American friends were most impressed by the house and their guided tour, BuckyE  prodding every piece of wood.
Carn Meyn home of the bluestones was rather 'mizzled' on the first day, in other words foggy and the clouds sat atop the hills, so we did not go up but went and looked at the three most impressive cromlechs in the vicinity.  It was also very wet, the moor round this area, full of reeds and gorse, was deceptive when you walked on it, and one's feet were liable to sink into waterlogged grass.
Sheep I have already featured, ponies also mooched around on the moor as well, not many visitors either here but it is such a way out spot. Next day we tackled Carn Meyn, wandering over the top and viewing it from a distance, BuckyE and Loie decided to walk to it, so we left them and wandered back, spotting that sheep round up as we waited.  Waiting was an anxious game, I suddenly felt guilty letting them go but BuckyE is an experienced walker and I should not have worried but it was an enormous relief to see their hats in the far distance coming down to the car.
Next day they left, so after my favourite walks round Solva and a visit to Middle Mill to take in the tranquil surroundings and note that the quarry was for sale, yes we are looking for a house round here, we went for a walk down to St.Elvis cromlech, with its little chapel in the farm yard.  It is about a half mile walk down the farm track and of course we met the milk lorry rushing down.  LS has problems with narrow lanes and large vehicles rushing round such as the school bus, post man, milk vehicles, dust carts and tractors to be met round the next hidden corner..
The next day we went to Carn Wynda, another 'hidden' cromlech beneath a rocky outcrop.  This one is difficult to find, it can be approached by a public footpath from one lane, which we missed so had to go round to find another path.  The little village that sits at the foot of the outcrop is probably typical of these outlying settlements.  If you were to walk along the first path you would come to a small schoolhouse lying derelict in the fields, but if you were to take the next path about a mile away, parking at the side of the road and take the green lane....
First of all a substantial house, with chickens in a yard and a child's garden on the verge full of things collected.  Walking on past into the beautiful green shaded lane and you come on a small house seemingly completely overgrown by trees and shrubs, the odd rose bush poking through, and bird holders as well, maybe it is occupied but falling into disrepair so quickly that it will disappear in a few years.
Wales is verdant and the rain has made the countryside glow with that iridescent colour that is a joy, wild flowers line the verges of the motorways, all this rain has given the place a vivid living pulsating life, so we may moan but nature seems to have got on with it. 

Carn Wynda

Pentre Ifan

St. Elvis
Garn Wnda additional information;


  1. Hi Thelam. It was SO nice to see you again, and to meet your friends and show them round the (scruffy and abandoned!) house here. I had said to K - I'll just clean the kitchen and the loo, as that's as far as anyone will be going! Hmmm. In my defence, no way could I have houseworked any more, tbh.

    Sounds like you had a lovely break down here anyway, and it would be lovely if you moved down here (before we finally move!)

    I loved the archaeology chat and your subsequent photos. Nice to have my brain functioning again!

  2. Hi Jennie, It was lovely to see both of you too, don't worry about housework it always get done eventually. The move will probably happen next year, so the cottage we have seen will have probably gone.