Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cawthorn Roman Camps

I am not going to write much about these three large camps, Pastscape below has a detailed discussion about them.  It is said that they might be 'practise' camps, (how to build a camp in three goes;), they are pretty formidable and on the sign posts are declared as having to subdue the fierce British tribes that lived in this part of world.  Alternatively, they could be part of a line of camps to the coast from York.  Recent excavations showed Grubenhaus in their interiors showing later medieval use as well, though water is pretty absent on top of this ridge and they would have to gone down into the valley but perhaps there were wells dug.
Easy enough to find, four miles out of Pickering along a narrow lane, turn off to the right and you head into woods that surround the camps, it is a place to walk the dogs and we met a few of them.  The camps are delineated by deep ditches and banks, the lines further marked by the dark brown of heather.  One thing I noted is the absence of sheep, a photo on the gate of badly mauled sheep being hoisted into a jeep tells the tale, dogs had been attacking them.

The view over the valley from the ridge


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