Monday, October 22, 2012

Fog and kingfisher

the water creeps up the shallow banks

Old willow slowly dying into winter
Woke up to a foggy morning and LS being very  miserable with the onset of autumn, dark mornings and then early dark evenings shorten the day even further. The turning of the seasons is so dramatic, it seems slow at first then the darkness arrives and we become cooped up bereft of natural light.
Well this morning we went for a walk down by the river, hedgerows and grass are garlanded with spider webs, they tremble on the wind thickly strung with beads of rain or dew. Probably one of the most beautiful natural constructions of nature.  There are mushrooms in the grass,a rich brown domed cap, and a pale creamy shaggy one.
The river is high, the muddy brown water swirling away at quite a pace, it is almost as high as the muddy path along which we slip.  The 'race' of the water is caused by the water being diverted round the mill and then flowing back into the river lower down, we stand on the bridge, the ducks are gossiping loudly to themselves on the bank.  Then suddenly a flash of blue from under the bridge and a kingfisher flies swiftly down the river.  I suddenly realise that the splashes I have heard must have been this blob of tropical colour fishing in the river and there I was thinking it had been fish jumping for insects. The person at my side is happy, the sighting of a kingfisher has coloured his day that lovely iridiscent blue or is it green, we watch it too swift for photographing skimming from side to side on the water.



  1. How fabulous to see a Kingfisher! I've only ever seen one in my life and I';ll never forget it.

  2. They are very rare, I have seen them on the Avon at Bath;so bright and jewel like an alien species in the drab grey fog we are experiencing at the moment.