Monday, October 15, 2012

Whitby - October 2012

This is Peperoni, after finishing her tea, watching the sparrows outside in the bush.
Back home after a fortnight stay in Whitby, mostly beautiful autumn weather, though a phone call from Aggie this morning says it has turned.  Aggie is the person who will let the cottage next year and today she goes to photograph it, so I have 'dressed' the beds as best I can... She thought her key was lost but found it luckily because spares are inside the cottage at the moment! Masses of washing for the machine but the garden has fared well here, plenty of rain judging by the state of the buckets.
We pottered around the town quite a lot of the time, this weekend has been 'Wartime Britain' with people dressed up for the first World War.  Dress wise it was pretty fabulous, fur coats and pretty dresses worn with nylons, lots of women tottered down Flowergate on high heels, alongside smartly dressed business men, the armed forces were also much in show, sadly I did not take any photos.
Seahenge was fabulous, both the beach and the exhibition at the museum, moors of course, and a visit to Lastingham church to visit the crypt - this by the way is where Saint Cedd (Chelmsford) started the early northern christian church at Lastingham, but more of that later.  We also went and found the Cawthorn Roman Camps, three to be precise, large and pretty daunting if you were a native...

The following, two very windy photos, were taken up at Whitby abbey.  Gorgeous horses standing, not too patiently, the driver has a lovely gloomy face as he glares into my camera, but who could resist those horses. They travelled back home in a horse van and I expect went for a good run round their field....

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