Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have been busy spinning silk and wool this week, knitting some gloves and a hat from one lot, so life is quiet and we have not been anywhere.  Yesterday a friend asked to be a 'Flickr friend', funny world we live in, now people can prowl through our photos from all over the world.  Anyway I decided to put some more photos from my computer on there, a job I hate but it is a permanent record.  The other week another friend asked me to join her on LinkedIn, think that is what it is called, anyway I filled in the necessary detail, and then up pops a Brazilian language student from years ago!  How, says I, did she notice me, penny dropped access to my email list but actually I can't find her on it - mystery.
All the fuss that has gone on since Edward Snowden revealing the extent of the plundering of information on the internet by the security services.  It passes most of us by, we are just caught up in the mass of useless selling in the form of advertising that flows through, our names harvested  for on a brief hope we may buy...
I spent a good hour with my daughter on the phone on friday, she seems so happy with their new house though her husband is stripping every room in the house, luckily the start of building works begin next week with the installation of heating, and then plastering can begin as apparently the wallpaper held up quite a lot of the old plaster.
She would love if we moved down there, preferably next door, but our hearts are definitely not in Todmorden, LS refuses to contemplate it and this part of the world is difficult to get close to, think it must be the dark dour nature of the stone and brick used for the houses.  But it has a train station to the big Northern cities, so the children should be able eventually to find jobs - when they grow up of course.
Some photos that made their way to Flickr, fragments of people, which I do not always post, but there are lots of stories in our lifetimes......
LS's cousin's cottage in Cornwall, we are aspiring to this!

Bucky and Loie at Pentre Ifan last year

To a burst of sunshine on my old rigid loom

The Autumn apples waiting to be juiced

To friends and wandering round stones this summer

Maldon and Essex 's creeks

Mundon church, must get coal

Frank and Margaret, she has lived in America for 40 years, but comes from Lampeter; two hours chatting in Costa Coffee in Bath

Jeannot and Annabel, my ex-sister-in-law whose birthday it is this week

Part of the family, chocolate cake and colas, or perhaps another meal in Whitby, the two boys with their tired mum.


  1. Thelma, I am happy you shared your photos with us. They are a lovely glimpse into your life, although I won't ever meet you, it makes us seem more like friends!

    1. Hi Kath, Trouble is I mostly take photos of landscapes, churches, etc. But sorting through the photos reminded me of the people that flow through my life as well. It is lovely to have friends on the internet as well ;)

  2. Having a few moments to catch up with your last several posts and enjoying the diversity of your shared photos. My sense of England's geography is very poor, but I'm picking up on place names that appear in English novels I've read many times over, finding some connections among bloggers.
    Must say I agree about the stealthy stalking that seems to be part of internet use; if I search for boots or books or quilting fabric on-line I am immediately bombarded with offers for more of the same!

    1. Hi MM, my geography of America is probably just as limited, but I really enjoy the fact that I can read about the lives of other people through the medium of the net, so it does have some uses.

    2. Lovely to see those pictures. I love that last one....I know how she feels and I only have the one boy!

  3. Eating out with the family is always an occasion, chocolate cake is Lillie's favourite, I know all the places in Whitby which serve it.

  4. I love the selection of photos from your life. I love seeing Mundon church again, too - I always feel a little sad that's known as a 'friendless' church!

  5. Hi Wendy, when we were there a couple of years ago, might be longer, there were workmen supposedly working in the church, as it is dangerous inside, actually they sat in their van all of the time we were there. It is a lovely old church, and I like the 'petrified trees' in the back field with the llamas.