Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Wood

This is Blakes Wood that we went for a short walk the other day, surprisingly the lane at Paper Mill lock was flooded, heavy downpour in the night presumably.  Today the wind blows cold and nearly all the leaves that are in such splendid colour on the header now lie on the lawn, winter is here.
Apparently, according to the Daily Mail, no I don't read it but gathered the link from another forum has predictions that the Ragnarok, or the world ending is about to happen on the 22nd February 2014.  This rag of course spends most of its written news in dramatic headlines that are not very truthful, but there are several good photos on the page and tidings of a mini-ice age!
But to get back to the wood, it was very muddy with a thick mulch of leaves along the path, young foxglove plants promise their flowers next summer, and the sweet chestnut husks, so very like small hedgehogs, litter the path, we picked a bagful, and had some after roasting them in the oven, they were small but good. I suppose the taste could be called 'mealy'.  According to my book, you must soak them in water for 24 hours with a few drops of vinegar so that the light ones can float to the top, dry them properly then store layer by layer in a bucket of sand.  There were a few trees down in the wood from the storm of a few days ago.  The house down below, with its tall chimneys and blocked off windows is a curious mix must try and find out its history.

Along the muddy path

Soft greens and copper leaves

A clearing in the woods

The beige of bracken dying

Sweet chestnut

3 windows are blocked due to the 'window tax'

Tall chimneys


  1. Lovely photographs thelma, particularly the one of the sweet chestnut I think. It is also very cold and damp here and an inch of rain overnight. Love the name Moss for a dog (just noticed the photograph).

    1. Moss is long gone now, but I always loved the soft tone of the name, he is always with me in spirit ;) he was a very sensible dog.

  2. I hope you took those chestnuts home and roasted them Thelma. Glad you're not a reader of the aforementioned rag!

    1. Yes we did roast them Em, put a few in the oven when it is on. As for that paper there is a story to tell. The Mail published an article about the bluestones coming from Carn Goedog, looking at it yesterday, and what did I see but MY photo of Carn Meini in the article but copyrighted by someone else...They must have picked it up through Flickr, as I have the creative commons tag on most of my photos. Don't mind but in the Mail for goodness sake ;)


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