Friday, November 29, 2013

Odd bits and bobs

Collecting bits and pieces, the Cotton Patch ebrochure which looks interesting and is of course all about patchwork material, it is a 'flipping book' fascinating to play with.  Also how about this bed, all hand made, even the wooden headboard by one person called Rachel. The blue wing came via F/B loved the colours and the detail.

Wing of a Blue Roller by Albrecht Durer 1512

And to go with the oldest bog body in Ireland on TV last night there is this piece of music on 'Pete Marsh'
better known as The Lindow Man.
As you can see not much to write about, winter has set in, have uploaded all my photos on this laptop to a new memory card, so tiny it has to be kept in my jewellry box, and even managed to get the large box external hard drive to work as well which has many old photos - a triumph.....

To remind me of the trip to Germany,  a scroll neatly tied, and unrolled with a flourish at the meeting at the German museum

LS correctly using the Japanese methods of tying the knot

My Moss up on the Wiltshire Ridgeway in front of a bronze age barrow

A small Lillie with a large umbrella


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