Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moments in time

Wild, wet weather, the beautiful part of Autumn is over, leaves tumble from the maple and lie sodden on the lawn.  How quickly our seasons turn over, a glorious summer, a dry Autumn and now we wait for a storm that covers the Atlantic but hopefully will miss us.  
I love Sundays, it is a rest day as far as I am concerned, a quiet day amongst the working days of the week..  We live in, at the moment, a state of suspense, will this house get sold before the farmhouse we want gets sold, who knows.  Truda wrote yesterday that they are having a 'serious' viewing from a village person.  This house has only been on the market for a week, we have someone coming back for a second viewing this week, they have a young child, and living here with schools on the doorstep and Asda but five minutes walk must seem advantageous.

I have looked at other houses in Yorkshire, ones with garages and fully fitted kitchen, which the farmhouse does not have but LS has his heart set on the farmhouse........

Interval for breakfast;  I had forgotten I had promised to make a fried breakfast, and the doves have been flying past the windows uttering plaintive calls for their seed!

Well on looking for photographs, I get sidetracked, Em had put some photos of golden plover on her blog and I remember when  they came to the downs about this time of the year, the soft sound of their wings as they wheeled overhead, finding them sleeping in the grass, me and Moss creeping up on them to take a photo but can't find it.
golden plovers

Then other photos started to play their memories before me, Goths at Whitby, they have two festivals  in the year and they will be coming this November.  The cottage is always booked on these dates, apparently some people will not have Goths in their holiday cottages according to the agents, but they are very respectable people who just like dressing up of course, one of my internet friends always attends these gatherings....

he is really a pussy cat

Matilda (in purple tights) coming down the 99 steps of the Abbey with my son-in-law

Whitby firemen in Star Wars Outfit, the children are young, and Matilda is really scared of standing by these figures.

The last photos are of a sad moment, the sprinkling of ashes  of someone from the world of megalithic stones, and yet I would like to record it because, it reminds me vividly of a beautiful autumn day when I visited this place alone with Moss.  The day of the scattering  of the ashes was very wet and a long walk to Wayland's Smithy, we all either huddled under umbrellas or wrapped  up in plastic bin bags.  But it wasn't sad people laughed and chattered, I see my son glaring at me for dragging him away from his computer and depositing him in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain, and next to him 'Wysefool' who I always thought of as the guardian of the stones.  A shy lad, and since the photo was taken has died which is very sad because he was so young.

Mark and 'Wysefool'

Wayland's Smithy longbarrow in Autumn


  1. A lovely, thoughtful post Thelma - do hope that the people still want your house after their second viewing - selling is such a strain isn't it?

  2. Yes you are right Pat, selling is indeed a strain but it is just one of those things, Truda keeps in touch anyway, so at least we know the gossip of the village, the person yesterday was the pub landlady. It makes me laugh really and it is lovely to hear the goings on. I haven't recounted the story of Truda who fell down the hill, and then was brought home in the bucket of a digger , those sort of things always happens in Yorkshire I presume ;)

  3. Fingers crossed over your 2nd viewing folks. You are indeed well-placed for convenience (unlike us here, but we balance the beauty of the scenery against that!) We have had NO viewings at all since changing estate agents (though the house is still advertised in the same places on line - Rightmove, Zoopla etc.) I have to hold onto the thought that it will sell . . . one day.

  4. Your house is in a beautiful situation Jennie but I suspect the problem is because it is remote, still another person will one day wander by and buy it, just have to wait and it is a lovely and interesting house.