Saturday, October 11, 2014


There was an email this morning from Harriet Harman, (shadow deputy prime minister for the labour party) okay it was only requiring me to fill in a questionnaire form about what I felt about the Labour Party.  Well given the choice of words I had to choose from (they think we are idiots) I deleted the email on the second question in exasperation.  Do these politicians live in a high tower surrounded by their own estimation of their worth, whilst we commoners mouth our fury below ;).  Talk about Gormenghast, and its long corridors to endless rooms for ceremony and dusty old books, that is how I see Westminster!

I have, mostly, always voted Green, knowing full well of course they cannot get in under the present system, but putting my vote into the bag for devolution and maybe proportional representation.  I was at the beginning of the making of the Green Party, called firstly the Ecology Party, think it started somewhere in Chippenham.  We met in a very old spooky house at Corsham, then in people's flats at Bath.  It never really got of the ground, though we worked hard, but if you know anything of the G/P it had a 'red' side to it as well, a socialist order that bounded on fanaticism by a few and this made it difficult to establish itself in the mainstream.  We organised the Poll Tax revolt in Bath, which was attended by hundreds, our member of parliament at the time was Chris Patten (conservative), a nice enough chap but charged with bringing Maggie's tax to the people.....

One of the 'reds' was a person called Derek Wall, I had met him as a lad on one of my ex-husband's archaeological excavations, and he had a lot to say for himself, and to an extent in those early days divided the party so such moderate people as Sara Parkin and Jonathan Porritt left.  I remember him marching into one of our meetings with half a dozen followers and overturning an important vote, always ambitious.
So just maybe I will pick up my political leanings again and take more interest in what is happening. And to the mundane, there is an email from Karen as well, who cleans at the cottage, has just managed to get through a third vacuum cleaner in two years, so a fourth has to be bought, okay it was a secondhand Dyson that was bought a few months back, but I always thought they were indestructible....


  1. Politics and I are not bedfellows I am afraid.
    On the subject of cleaners - I have a Bosch (not an upright) which is kept in the Boxroom
    upstairs for my cleaner to use (I have an upright downstairs). The Bosch is more than fifteen years old, has never gone wrong - and my cleaner prefers it, saying it is the best cleaner she has ever used.

    1. Perhaps the first two were cheap, one burst into flames I think, vacuum cleaners are boring, bit like politics ;)

  2. Hi Pat, LS here.

    I have a Hitachi paper bag thingy. Only time it ever went wrong was when I accidentally sucked some liquid up with it. Called Hitachi and they replaced the motor with no quibble and no charge. Guess what, that was thirty years ago and it’s still going strong! Thelma doesn’t like it saying it’s not strong enough. I reckon that's just an excuse for not having to use it ;-)

    1. ;) Sweet, but it really does not pick up stuff!