Monday, October 27, 2014


Something to brighten up the day
Well no history today, life has slowed down somewhat, and we make plans to go to Whitby in November.  The cottage will need some work, there are houses to look at, LS has found  another house to view, situated between a church graveyard and the pub, we will see. Our neighbours are flying South in their motor home today to Spain for several months to ride out the winter.  They came for coffee over the weekend with a list of all contacts, it will be sad  not to see them around.  Next weekend there seems to be people coming to look at the stuff for sale in the studio. The drying boards and the workbench seem the thing most people want.  I fancy what I call the 'rolling beads'  or rosary beads as LS calls them, these are used to polish the papers  on the scrolls and perhaps the silks which will also be kept... Other stuff will go to the British Museum, there are scrolls as well to be sent to Cyprus as slowly LSs life unfolds into retirement.

Neatly wrapped in tissue paper, goodness knows what..
What else I must gather my courage and go to the Dog's Trust Rescue centre this week and look at the dogs there, this hanging on and not deciding is because of the indecision about selling this house, and of course whether it will sell and I hate the sight of those dogs waiting for owners!  Also, this has been negotiated, to buy a dog cage for the car, as the car is LSs pride and joy... I am a coward over this project, having had animals all my life, being without one for the last five years has been hard, though I have cultivated the birds in the garden to be tame but now there is no longer work in the studio the bargain was set that I could have a dog! hurrah

Though of course there are these two poppets in the garden. Meet Fleabag hiding behind the pots

As winter folds in, the things I miss most are flowers, so perhaps just the perfect form of a rose, to remind that the seasons always come round

The same rose fading into a beautiful shade of  grey-purple/


  1. I look forward to your coming to live in North Yorkshire as it might well be possible for us to meet mid-way between us for lunch one day.
    Love the rose - looks rather like Gertrude Jekyll. I have her in my garden and she gives beauty and scent all summer long.

  2. Definitely Pat, might even be sooner. Is the town of Thirsk near you by the way? Anyway, here is my email address,, should I need to get in touch....

  3. I highly recommend border collie/Labrador crosses.

    1. Well I phoned about the female collie I had seen, but unfortunately, a) you cannot let her off the lead, she goes for other dogs, and b) needs a muzzle. I have never had a dog you could not let off a lead which when walking I have always done. She needs work and training which they are doing at the Dogs Trust. Needs some thinking....Moss was an alpha dog, would take an aggressive dog by the scruff and give a good shake, they always backed down. The one and only serious fight in his life was with another bad tempered collie. Love labradors as well ;)

    2. I don't know much about the full-sized "Lassie" collies, but I've had two purebred border collies and a border collie/black lab cross. The border collies are very active and need things to do and people around most of the time. For a few years I had Nakita, a female birder collie, and Winston, a male Border collie/Black lab cross. It was a convenient combination: I would throw a ball for Winston, he would run after it and Nakita would then round him up. It was funny watching Winston concentrating on the ball before I threw it, and Nakita concentrating on Winston.

    3. That was a good story about the concentration of dogs, Moss was devoted to his ball, or even a stick, thrown and thrown again till it dissolved into the tiniest twig but he would still bring it back. Labradors are lovely good natured creatures as well.