Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bee musings

Kate Lynch painting taken from the Beekeeper and the Bee

It is obvious by now that I love things that are about nature and the world around us, so this painting, though slightly blurry will not come amiss.  It illustrated a story in Resurgence magazine. The article I was reading had the title 'We Need New Stories' and discussed how our world evolves through the story we live through in the present and of course how the past narrative evolves the present.  My reality is not the reality of the person reading my blog, we travel a certain part of the way in our thinking and then we divide into our own personal perspectives but we share our western European values, which at the moment seem to be under threat but that will pass.

Stories are important, read Aesop Fables for morality, and stating the obvious.  It was while I made the bread this morning, sifting its powdery substance with yeast, salt, sugar, seeds and water, it was like the Universe with a million stars, the grains so finely milled down, a million stories  sliding through my fingers.

I am not sure what story the ecological 'green' story will bring to us, there are plenty of people to write and theorise about it, but the 'happening' of it has a long way to go, and therefore we find apocalyptic stories about catastrophes that could or could not happen, we seemingly fight endlessly to save the bee, or tiger, or elephant, I could go on, but each thing though small, transforms into a wider knowledge of how our behaviour should adjust.

The writer, Jonathon Dawson, wrote the story small, for humans only? "An essential element of the journey to a new story fit for the 21st century may involve little more than creating spaces in which people  can enjoy a lived experience of relations mediated by care, community and cooperation".  I would rather tell the story of Gaia, though again I know there is a myth wrapped up in the idea that our world lives in a state of homeostasis and is self-adjusting.

So to another painter, J.C. Young who captured the solitary standing stones in Pembrokeshire, for me her paintings are so peaceful, the timeless stones forever captured in a landscape I know so well.

Waun Lwyd Stones - Mynachlog Ddu


  1. Bread-making is one of the ideal opportunities to muse on the world - you have done it to perfection this morning. Hope the bread turned out as well.

  2. Be lost without my loaf of bread ;)