Friday, February 20, 2015


I am frozen in time, suspended in movement, we have people coming to look at the house, so tidiness must rule, time to bring order; I sit at the computer filing photographs.  The photos below are an expansion of the one above.  The Winterbourne on a cold morning some years ago.  I love water, its movement, its reflections, and also the sound of it.  The old willow, not really a stump it has just had old branches removed, one has fallen in a storm.  Of course to follow this path you must head for Avebury, park in the car park, cross the road and then take the path to Silbury,

The Winterbourne will after crossing the road under a bridge by Silbury Hill, curve round a field and then join the Kennet river at Swallowhead spring.  Which also has an old willow, this one normally regaled in Pagan bits and pieces.  This site is seen as 'sacred' to many people, but it is also a 'fortuitous happening', the meeting of two rivers at the spring below Silbury, and whether this has anything to do with the great mound of Silbury being built is anyone's guess.

A certain amount of my time on the internet has been to do with the protection of Ancient Scheduled monuments, Silbury of course went through a great deal of work, when a hole developed in the top some years ago.  It has now been filled in, no great 'king' was found buried in its midst sadly and the myths and legends that abound round the mound and its river are the stuff of stories, whether you see the great 'mother goddess' in the form is another thing but speculation abounds round this watery place.  There is even a ditch round the mound which will of course fill up in winter....

Silbury, Neolithic mound built around 2400 BC

The Winterbourne winding its way to the Kennet


  1. Lovely, lovely photos Thelma. I know that frenzy of tidying thing very well....very stressful. Try not to let it get to you too much.

  2. Thank you Em, I expect being tidy is good for you in the long run though.