Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Creative Commons;  Original by John Tenniel

Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind face 'Cash for Access' Allegations

Did you wonder perhaps yesterday that Lewis Carroll had materialised out of the skirting board  and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party was unfolding in front of your eyes? Yes I am talking of Messrs. Rifkind and Straw, as we watched these two vain arrogant men from the hidden camera positioned at eye level at the tables they sat at, whilst being interviewed by obviously attractive females! Did the mote finally fall from your eyes as they glibly boasted of positions in the House of Lords,  it's a foregone conclusion as far as they are concerned.  Did you jaw not drop a little when Straw boasted he expected £5000 a day for 'favours' in parliament, and you get a free tour round its illustrious corridors thrown into the bargain!  Rifkind doesn't seem to work for 75 % of the times so he says, he has bags of time to fulfil your needs, (spends most of his time walking and reading,) and for a slightly higher day fee, maybe £8000, though I would add an addenda here he doesn't actually work ALL day, just a morning or an afternoon, but hey these two 'grandees' have been ministers in their time they know all the 'right' people.   You could not make it up, just sit there and giggle hysterically ;)

So we might be on the move, and it is to be Church House if everything goes through successfully, and there are still long days to May when the vendors for this house want it.  Slight panic yesterday as no one could get in touch the seller of the Normanby house, but he turned up later in the day thankfully.  So I have already prepared my speech for the vicar, ' I am an atheist but love churches' and will be happy living next to your grave yard, because although I don't believe in ghosts, at least I can get up on All Saints night and just check if the walking dead are around...  The house has been on the market for quite a while, and though solidly (but boringly) built is near to the River Seven which can flood and I expect might have put people off, but who would not live in exciting times.  Morning Minion (Sharon) congratulations on your final move to the farmhouse, which I saw on your F/B page this morning, this house is not to be our 'forever house' so my love says but I can have my chickens and dogs whilst residing there;) as he can have his shed to potter around in....


  1. Glad to hear about the house - hope it all goes through alright, then we shall be - well, if not neighbours, near enough to send smoke signals.
    As to all that stuff about political extra mural activities - I think it has always gone on and it has always been disgraceful. The amount people like Blair et al charge for speeches is mind boggling apart from the sort of jiggery pokery that was going on in yesterday's debacle.

  2. Yes, still surveyors and solicitors to go through, so we may soon be settled in Yorkshire and much nearer to you.
    What frightens me about all these politicians is, how stupid they are ;)