Saturday, February 21, 2015

River Severn Bore

Courtesy of The Independent.
The wave travels 25 miles inland, presumably losing height and force as it goes.

It's that time of year, the foolhardy round Somerset ride the great wave that washes up the Bristol Channel, as the tidal sea rushes down the river, the wave is thrust through the narrowing banks of the river.
For the tales of Nennius you must read this old blog, and how it swept away the Roman army and its horses as they crossed into Wales.
For today's news 'Riding the Bore' you must read The Independent and watch the video, and I hope that swan emerged unscathed at the end of the video!


  1. That is one scary photograph of the Bore. I lived for getting on for twenty years between Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth and would you believe I never ever got to see the Bore - I always wanted to go but something else always got in the way.

  2. I never saw it either, it meant a lot of hanging around. I used to live in Wolverhampton as a child, not that I would want to go back there Pat ;)