Friday, March 6, 2015

70.000 years old Neanderthal child

Sculpture by Elisabeth Daynes of a 70,000 year old Neanderthal child.

Just a brief few words on something that brought tears to my eyes.  A reconstruction of a young Neanderthal child born 70,000 years ago by the French sculptor Elisabeth Daynes.  There is of course much scientific debate as to whether this child was buried deliberately at Roc de Marsal in France, but there again where would we be if things are not discussed ;).
As a mother and grandmother, the heart is moved by the simplicity of the child, but also the extinction of course of the Neanderthal species, though we all carry a few genes of these people in our DNA, wiped out by us maybe?


  1. What a desperately wise and yet sad look in those eyes.

  2. It is so life like, it becomes scary I think Pat.