Friday, March 13, 2015

A Journey

Not much to write about, there is packing to be done, We are off to Whitby tomorrow.  The surveyor has been to the house in Normanby this week, and the report should be written up by Tuesday and then a visit to the solicitors.
Each strand unwinds, what will the surveyor say about flooding by the pub I wonder, the report on the cottage he did three years ago, was very thorough, damp was of course the first thing on the list although the leaking chimney did not help.  Central heating has bought the damp under control, but sometimes I wonder as these 18th century cottages survive for so long perhaps damp is a good idea! but not too live in of course. 

Inside Pickering Church

Paths from Pickering church


So trepidation rules at the moment,  Pickering will be our town for shopping, small and fairly quiet, it has local butcher, baker and greengrocers plus Co-op, also a great antique come secondhand place.  
The church of which I have written here has medieval paintings and is situated at the top of the town, there is also a castle which we have never visited.
So LS wants to explore Pickering, I want to go to Lastingham for a pub meal, already we make plans

Lastingham Church 

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