Friday, March 13, 2015

Post script - Back from the Brink

Parts of yesterday was taken up with frustratingly trying to get a pdf uploaded into the public domain, eventually it worked in Dropbox.  It was our friends Roy's article on finding the hidden stones of Louden Stone Circle on Bodmin Moor.  He has worked tirelessly on trying to get some recognition  of the several stone circles on Bodmin that remain under the peat of the moor and then got permissions from the relevant bodies to carry out the work.  Then with a couple of friends they marked and exposed the old stones at the Louden stone circle, they later re-covered them.

So, because I am so proud of him (he has more work next week on another circle) Back From the Brink.....

King Arthur's Hall though of course is the greatest enigma on the moors


  1. If only these old moors could tell their stories.

  2. A bleak place to live by though, Jamaica Inn recently gave a taste!