Friday, February 26, 2016

A short rant

An anonymous doctor gives this eloquent reply about Jeremy Hunt's figures on a Question Time programme.....

"The stats are wrong.
“I agree with your point, 11,000 people do not die at the weekend. The stats cover Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. They do not die at the weekend.
“If junior doctor staffing at the weekend was a problem, they would be dying at the weekend. They do not. The highest death rate in hospitals is on a Wednesday. You have more doctors on a Wednesday than you do on a Saturday and a Sunday. It is not a ‘weekend effect’.
“It is misrepresented by Mr Hunt. It is misrepresenting and lying, frankly, because when you’re told something is wrong and you continually repeat it, it becomes a lie. He is lying about what is happening in hospitals.
“I am the doctor on call for the next two strikes. I am the surgical registrar, the junior doctor who will be looking after each and every one of you when you come in. I will make sure you are safe. I am the man below the consultant who will operate on you if you are sick. I will be there no-one will be out at risk. I will make sure of it.”

The more I read I begin to see 'conspiracy theories' running amok, but with an underlining truth that this government is wanting to get rid of the NHS, sheer instinct points me toward this thought.  Whenever I see Osbourne or Hunt my soul cringes with despair for this country.  The Conservative party are so few, we are so many, so what is happening?  News hits us all the time, in the end who do you believe, can a country run by millioniares even begin to understand the lives experienced by those less fortunate.. or give a damn?


  1. The answer to the question posed in your last sentence Thelma is just a plain "No!". It is rather like asking Prince Charles to write a list of instructions for scrubbing the kitchen floor.

  2. Love the analogy, wasn't he the one that has someone put toothpaste on his brush in the morning?

  3. If you don't understand Thelma! what hope have I?

  4. ;) Well I think politics are so complicated that none of us understand Ana. x