Thursday, February 18, 2016


This morning the phone rang at seven, it was the Bata oil man delivering some oil, they are just down the road at Amotherby, so LS rushed down stairs to open the gates.  That is the most exciting thing today though the day has yet to unfold and we have to go into Pickering.  So a couple of snow photos from Monday...

Someone said the other day, why don't you grow a hedge along this wall but the truth of the matter is we love this view, and have a discreet blind to pull down should someone be in the grave yard!

Lucy prefers the warmth of the house to snow..

The yew trees add their dark solemnity to the scene

this shape fascinates me, so church like rock solid in the concrete


  1. interesting photographs Thelma. Weather looks pretty horrible. Tess has started to object to going out in that kind of weather too, although the farmer always makes her go , reasoning that farm dogs have to go out whatever the weather! Glorious morning here today.

  2. Of course we females raise 'softie' indoor dogs, and the snow does not hurt them anyway..

  3. Yes, had a feeling it would be an early morning delivery of oil but wasn’t quite expecting it to be before 7am - and still half dark!

    The BATA oil truck pulled up, loaded with 20,000 litres of oil, and backed into the drive. Hose pulled out of truck and our tank filled up again (hopefully for another six months). Chatted with the truck driver for ten minutes or so as the sun came up and the rooks did their usual early morning cawcking from the spinney.

    The price of oil has really dropped so we’re actually paying less for our central heating, and hot water, now than we did previously with British Gas down in Essex.

    But that’s not all. BATA fuel and agricultural suppliers are just down the road and we actually get to talk to people when we need something – whether that’s a six month’s supply of oil, dog food or just straw for the hens.

    Bringing a bit of ‘reality’ back to our lives was probably the main reason for our move to Yorkshire - and so far it’s really been worth it!