Saturday, February 27, 2016


I will not be angry this morning, the way of the world will not change because of a few words.  I shall concentrate on a rather cold world.  When I wake up and go downstairs in the morning, it looks as if a child has scattered all their toys.  Lucy is so pleased to see someone up that her greeting, always with something in her mouth is ecstatic. often it can be the inner pad of of her bed, folded neatly.  She brings tea towels when we finished our meal, someone has to wash up of course, and her bowl for any leftovers.
Yesterday we had lunch at the Plough, I went for the fish and chips, and LS tried a new dish which was a thin slice of fillet steak, seared on the outside and blood red inside with a topping of rocket.  LS enjoyed it but Lucy when given a piece spat it out in disgust, and much preferred my fish.  The time so many years ago when we bought meat for our dogs from the butcher have long gone and now they feast on little brown biscuits.
Her brown biscuits come from the agricultural merchants in Kirby, and yesterday as I bought a couple of bags for her, food for the chickens and the wild birds.  I wander round this rather bleak large shed, there is food for every animal on the farm, including guinea pigs.  Great nets of carrot for the horse in your life at £2.30, and I am almost tempted to buy a net for Nigel's two goats over the road, Nancy and Nora.
Both these goats are having an 'off' food moment in their lives, never knew goats were so choosy, their hay because it has come from a different farm recently is not too their liking.  Nigel grazes them on our  grass verge, and we have said he could use the front lawn as well.  Goats are such strange creatures.


  1. I always rather fancied having a couple of goats, but the farmer - ever a realist (and a North Yorkshire one at that)put his foot down very firmly.

  2. Well don't forget if you want to have milk they have to have young, and then if it is a male, off to 'death row'. Male goats can be very smelly. ;)