Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday 3rd March

A quiet life but still rather busy;  Each day I do about an hour's worth of spinning, reading books is my other delight, almost finished the sixth book by Phil Rickman, glorious imagination that man has got... Yesterday we put together another run for the chickens, it tags onto the other bits, Lucy  was much in evidence as we unpacked the run, breaking up the plastic as it made a noise she likes, till stopped and then she pottered around the cardboard and cage we seemed to be making.  I have grown rather tired of the hens helping themselves to the plants in the garden, especially the herbs, so I have decided that they get one hour a day freedom run, which does not entail them going over into the church yard as well.
We have still to make the two cold frames I bought, which to a certain extent will protect my vegetables from aforementioned hens, spinach, and  then lettuces are important to meals.

Alice Starmore and her Fair Isle knitting book was another acquisition from the Book Depository all books about half price or less as far as the Starmore book was concerned.  Love my fingers to be busy;).  Now of course I need a range of colours in 2 ply wool to pattern with!
We went out to tea the other day, to friends across the way, the cottage was absolutely filled from top to bottom with all manner of things.  Paintings filled the wall along with certificates ( for best town crier) and in one lit corner a whole host of lead animals. Jo had lived in India as a child, and many of these things belonged to her family and she was justly proud of them, she and David had known each other since childhood, he even carries a photo in his wallet of them as children which is so sweet.
One thing I learned to do with springer spaniels who chase sheep, is to lock them in a shed with a ram for a night, think it is called make or break, not sure I approve....


  1. Interesting "cure" for sheep-chasing Thelma - I shall pass it on.
    Other people's houses are often interesting aren't they - especially when they tell a life story.
    I haven't tried a Phil Rickman - I shall look out for one in the Library and see if it is my kind of read.

    1. Think it is a bit cruel to both participants but it might work. Rickman is a 'particular' read, mostly about the Christian/pagan conflict, which winds round a historic/megalithic theme....