Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday - 7th march

All photos are from an August visit

  Nunnington ;Nonninctune, Noningtune (xi cent.); Nuninton (xiii cent.).

Nunnington is a parish covering about 2,000 acres in the valley of the Rye. The Rye itself flows through the centre of the parish from west to east, while its tributary the Riccal, flowing south-east, joins the Rye about 3 miles east of Nunnington village.

The southern bank of the Rye at this point is a long, gentle slope up from the river to a hill called Cauklass Bank, which is crowned with an avenue of firs; this avenue forms the southern boundary of the parish. From the hill there are wide views over the moors to Cleveland, and on a clear day over the valley of Pickering towards the sea. A 17th-century map of Nunnington shows an old race-course marked out along the ridge. (fn. 1)

At its eastern end Cauklass Bank is crossed by the road from York to Kirkby Moorside, which runs directly north down the hill and over the Rye by Nunnington Bridge. It passes through a fine avenue of limes and sycamores which extends the whole way down the slope.

Yesterday we went for a walk at Nunnington, not to see Nunnington Hall, Lucy was with us but just to wander unfortunately I did not take the camera but it was sunny. We went down the village street, pretty cottages and gardens on either side, we were following the signs to Bils&Rye's gallery.

Quite a revelation, a very friendly owner offers tea or coffee as you go in and he wandered around with us explaining all the art work, which was way out of my pocket but there were things I loved.

For instance Bill Zima's wax and ink paintings of trees, there was a certain Japanese air to many of the ceramics and even in Zima's paintings of trees....

Zima seems only to paint trees, and the above is not one of his best but going to his website and there are plenty more, he now lives in Scotland.  And as a note looking out of the window this morning in the gathering light, I saw the silhouette of a large owl in the tree, first time I have seen it, though hear it most nights.


  1. I love Nunnington Hall Thelma.
    Isn't it funny, however many times we see an owl it still gives us a
    strange feeling. They are such beautiful creatures.

  2. You are right they are beautiful, not so the funny tufted duck I had to shepherd home yesterday to Nigel's over the road. Though I did note in the cookbook supplement of the Guardian, that Seville's oranges are a good accompaniment to duck!