Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday and blue skies

A Somerset view.  Even today I can trace the path with my mind, the secret place where the deer slept.

Nature and Art - H.D.Thoreau

All nature is classic and akin to art-the sumack and pine and hickory which surround my house remind me of the most graceful sculpture.  sometimes the trees do not make merely a vague impression-but their tops or a single limb or leaf seems to have grown to a distinct expression and invites my life to a like distinctness and emphasis.

Taken from; Reliquiae - compiled by Autumn Richardson.


  1. I always like to think that we can almost see your village from our fields - well we can certainly see the high ground to the East of us. So I know that today you are having the same lovely weather that we are having - a perfect Spring day.

  2. It was beautiful Pat, went for a walk on the way back from shopping.