Thursday, March 10, 2016

In, Out, or shake it all about!

Well it does feel like that at the moment about whether we should stay in the EU or not.  All I want is some figures and a clearly stated argument (on both sides) of what it all entails.  Not, of course, what the Queen has said sometime ago, she is after all quite free to have an opinion but that is the way of the media (and I include the BBC in this criticism) to lead us down futile paths of nonsense.
Will the weather ever change, is my moan at the moment, if I was to pick up my camera I could take photos of flooded fields, ditches overlapping with water, roads with deep puddles, even the lawn is a squelchy morass, poor chickens I feel sorry for them.  Lucy has to be forced out, she is not a great lover of cold wet weather.

I would love to do different walks, but the fields are very muddy and you are likely to lose wellingtons in some of the mud round gates, the only fairly dryish areas, eaten down by the rabbits is the bunds that line the river, though the window cleaner said the river was running high yesterday through Marton.
The walk this morning; the river had been eight foot high but when I photographed it had gone down to six foot, this is the run off  from the moors at Rosedale.  The iron bridge you have to go down to get over the river, with a rather scary disused garage at the beginning.

Creepy garage, sure one day I will find a body in it...

In this photo are Rachel's sheep with the church behind them.

Rachel's two dogs contemplate joining us over the river!
Wind turbine with two geese at the base, this little smallholding belongs to Elaine and husband

On the market for two million pounds, plus 62 acres!

The bridge that brings us back to the road

And our pub!

You may think it is a dull walk, especially as the whole grey atmosphere is hardly enlivened by the brown of bare branches.  Yet life lurks, celandine, hardly yellow but grey with rain, odd patches of daffodils everywhere.  Over the first bridge,  chaffinches and long tailed tits move through the trees and over the second bridge a pussy willow reaches out to you.

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