Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Photos; Lucy 'helping', LS was looking for Japanese papers for some visitors tomorrow, she enjoyed the experience turning out the dark under stairs cupboard. She can be so funny, that even when she is scolded she produces a lopsided grin.  Tea towels and dishcloth can often be presented after tea, followed by my knitting, Lucy actually knows what you want.  In the garden it is hand tools she will bring from the garage.

I'm coming to.

Any mischief going?

Daffodils at the old orchard

must find out about these, not sure they are spurge

It takes me a long time to fall in love with daffodils

verge daffodils


  1. I must say it does look like Spurge to me Thelma.
    Isn't it super how well Lucy has fitted in?

    1. Yes she has also settled at night as well, keeps LS amused with her funny ways.

  2. Lucy is a cutie - when they look up at you with those beautiful, soulful eyes, there's just no way that you can scold them is there? Bless her xx

    1. It is difficult to scold her, though actually she thinks it is part of the game, and will 'grin' at you with great delight.