Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday morning

This week end the family visited, it is a not particularly happy time for them, but hopefully an answer will be arrived at.  My daughter is off to Switzerland on Thursday to see her great aunts, one day perhaps we will go out to visit.  Matilda is off to Paris for a few days with her school class, some of the visits have been curtailed due to the terrorist attacks but they are still going.

Yesterday two hens disappeared in the afternoon I scoured the area but no sign of them, Fluffybum always independent stayed behind luckily and mithered around the garden complaining.  Then as dusk started to settle two little figures were spied on the grass heap in the grave yard hurrying home, they had been over the fields.

Snow fell for a brief time yesterday and has settled lightly on the land. When I was out walking the fields, I came upon a rabbit burrow, from a distance I could just see the white underbelly of a lookout rabbit.  The whole village seems covered in snowdrops, they must seed themselves everywhere, along the river bank and verges.  Daffodil leaves nuzzle out of the verges as well but no flowers as yet.

My daughter's cousin Marc runs a Sushi factory in Switzerland,which is about to be taken over by a large supermarket, though he will still be charge.. Sushi has become such a feature of supermarkets here as well, you can buy it in the Co-op at Pickering, not my favourite food but interesting.  I watched  a programme about fat yesterday, the interesting thing about fat is it is in most foods, try to live  without it though and the body begins going through peculiar experiences.  We need fat hurrah;)
I suspect that with all this emphasis on what we eat in the wider world, the truth of the matter is it should be as near to its fresh state as possible and home cooked.

As I grow older, the things I like less are the sweet things, biscuits, cakes and puddings but can never resist a box of chocolate, I always need a fillip of something sweet after the evening meal, this is of course when your glucose levels go down after a meal.

Rambling on in this early morning light, waiting for LS to surface so that I can make the tea. There are times when I miss Switzerland, the clean sparkling air, the different foods you can buy, watching the cows come down from the mountain pastures late summer, bouquets of flowers on their heads, the bells round their necks slowly clanking.  It is all such a long time ago.


  1. I feel like you about sweet things Thelma - including chocolate too.
    Did you live in Switzerland too? You sound to have certainly got around.
    We have had a covering of snow overnight - I expect you have too.
    It looks very beautiful standing and looking out of the window, but my cleaner - who has just gone - says it is bitterly cold and freezing hard.

    1. I suppose I went there for about 15 years for long holidays over Xmas and the summer holidays to my then in-laws who became my family after I was widowed....

  2. Sorry - rather too many 'toos' in my comment (and now another one!)

  3. " It is all such a long time ago."
    Your last line caught me--I fear I've reached an age where so many memories are in that category.
    I'm glad the hens came blundering home--my experience with the creatures is slight, but I gather they aren't known for an abundance of wisdom.
    Good [dark] chocolate is one of the treats that seldom fails me.

    1. Hi Sharon. had almost given up on the hens and was leaving them to their fate with the fox, he finished off 6 hens last year at one of the houses in the village. Memories are good things, the only thing that shocks is how old all the people you have known and celebrities look ;)
      but then................