Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday,10th February

Today's walk: Which is not very long given Lucy's paw, but I took the camera along and it sleeted most of the way.  I was photographing the snowdrops along the road, the first picture is just outside Nigel's smallholding, the next lot of snowdrops are way back on the deep verge, and survive because the ride-on-mowers cannot get in there, this is of course how wild flowers survive, being tucked away in corners out of harm's way.

Free from traffic, snowdrops survive here.

You can just see the bank bisected at the top by the bank that protects the fields from the river.  Hundreds of years time they will be no more than faint lines on the landscape.

This is the Barn properties' field, they also have sewn a large area with wild flowers.

Aconites down the bank to the river, now are they wild or introduced.

the river, see the plank caught up in the tree, the water rose very quickly a few days ago.

Mike Pitts - Digging Deeper - Ancient Flowers  Interesting article on how plant remains from Roman bronze pans were found.  There is an air of excitement for these treasures.


  1. Beautiful. I love spring flowers as they come up with so much hope in their little tiny faces.

  2. Their background is always bleak though but always a joy. Looking at the area we have moved to, and because it is farm land, the wild flowers are few on the ground, due of course to nitrogen applied in the fields.

  3. The one nice thing about February is Snowdrops. I can't think of anything else good about this month except it is closer to spring.