Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday and goldfinches

Yesterday a book arrived, it is 'The Lost Words' a spell book by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane. It is beautiful, both the words and the paintings.  Jackie has used gold for a background for some of the paintings.  I think a lot of people were shocked when the Children's Oxford Dictionary, missed some of the nature words and blackberry became 'Blackberry' a technical term. 
Jackie Morris lives not too far from Solva up on the hill overlooking Carn Llidi, in a small white cottage with her animals.  The book is large, coffee table size, unfortunately it can't live on our coffee table because Lucy is always pulling things off it!  Two captures from the book, the blackbird amongst the blackberries, and the acorn.  It is sad that today's children have their noses stuck either in mobile phones or tablets and the 'dangers' of the outside world keeps them  inside the home as the magic of nature flows by unseen outside,  The little wren poem was beautiful Macfarlane has indeed found the spell words for this small tribute to our diminishing world of nature.

Another book bought a week or so ago, Simon Jenkin's 'England's 1000 Best Churches' the museums of England is how he defines them, it is rather disappointing in the sense that it is the churches he misses, so herein NY we have Lastingham and Kirkdale but not Pickering with its wall paintings.  But there must be thousands he has missed, they reside in nearly every village slowly disintergrating over time as their once vibrant religion slowly fades.


  1. Beautiful Thelma. I read about this during the week and saw those exquisite pictures. Robert McFarlane talks such a lot of sense. I have a steely determination not to buy a book until I have moved and settled in to my bungalow. I know I have one bookcase which will hold my Poetry books and another which will hold my reference books - but I don't know whether there will be anywhere for a third until I get in. I have given hundreds of my art books and travel books to Oxfam - sad but downsizing makes it inevitable.

  2. It is a very big book, but as you say it has been all over the news. Problem with downsizing I find is the books you regret giving away

  3. I've just ordered this from Amazon. I love Jackie Morris's art and equally, love Robert McFarlane's work too (and his love and respect for Edward Thomas).

  4. It is a beautiful book Jennie so I hope you will be pleased with it.