Monday, May 28, 2018


National Garden Scheme and Penny Piece Cottage in Kirkbymoorside.  Such a pretty, very long garden situated in the High Street.  There were 'rooms' eveywhere, little summerhouses for sitting in, benches for relaxing under the shade of a tree, and an old gypsy caravan right at the bottom of the garden.  Unfortunately every seat was occupied and the queue for tea and a slice of cake was about 30 people long.  A truly gorgeous garden, every corner sparkled with neatness!  But a bit twee ;)

p.s. click on photos for better effect.


  1. Looks like a lot of hard work too Thelma. Very pretty but I prefer a bit more 'haphazard'.

    1. Yes it must have taken years to arrive at such a point of neatness, we are dabbling with the idea of water in the garden, trouble is there is not much space.

  2. Beautiful gardens! I don't know what twee is, but I do know I love all the color. There was a doe eating one of my flowering shrubs this morning. I clapped my hands and she walked away. I suppose she'll be back, with friends. I'll never have gardens like the ones you've photographed.

  3. I suppose 'twee' means too tidy and too many things in a small place, it was very neat. Deer must be pleasant to see but of course they eat the flowers.