Sunday, May 27, 2018


A new perennial geranium - palmatum

Sunday, day of peace, the day dawns beautifully, sunny and warm.  Sometimes the past comes back to haunt us and leaves one feeling sad but that is as it should be.
A walk round the garden, a promise of the roses to come, the weeds, highlighted at the moment by the bright yellow of the creeping buttercup.  This afternoon off to one of the National Garden openings in Kirkby
Brilliant night - Lucy had a panic attack that lasted several hours, she fell asleep around 1 o.clock I slept on the sofa.  I do give her Calm-um tablets, whether they work or not is a matter for debate.  Also I am down to one hen after the other two having died recently, it was sad but I am told hens die unexpectedly.  After we come back from Scotland I shall get some bantams I think, the one remaining hen is now spoilt!

Three enormous plants of these rather pale perennial geraniums

Closely packed

purple vetch pushing through the little maple tree

Bowles mauve with lilies in pots

Phoebe strutting her stuff


  1. Your yard is lovely and maybe one hen is all you really need?

    1. But not as lovely as the garden we saw yesterday.

  2. Like the pale pink geranium. My garden is beginning to fill in. I now realise that a garden that is totally filled in is probably the best way to deal with my mares tail problem because I know I shall never be rid of it. Wish we lived near enough to swap plants or take cuttings. I have started carrying a plastic bag to take a snippet as and when I can.

    1. I think that is the secret Pat filling every corner with plants.