Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday 16th

Veronica I think, there are several plants in the long bed, very pretty especially when contrasted with the white flowering bush at the moment.  Sad news today Beth Chatto has died aged 94 years old, her Essex garden was an inspiration and hopefully will remain as beautiful as ever under the management of her family.

I have gone back to spinning, listening to stories on my computer.  The acid dyes are not going to be used this summer and I have ordered some Downland fleece for spinning, plus such things as logwood, dyers weed and weld.  Sorting through boxes in the garage and I came up with alum, iron and copper mordants; copper being the most useful at the moment as I am interested in green tones.

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  1. You're a spinner! How wonderful! Occasionally someone tries to talk me into spinning, but I figure at my age, 70, I should spend my time trying to catch up with my yarn stash.