Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday 2nd May

Wagamama - Japanese for 'selfishness',  'indulgence' 'wilfulness'

I came across this word on Rachel's blog she been to lunch there, it is the name of an Asian chain of restaurants selling noodles.  Well guess who is called Wagamama in this household - Lucy.  She trails round one of her toys most of the day with her little tail wagging.
She adores being 'naughty' but also has the makings of a cute little service dog, too old now as she approaches her 11th birthday.  But each day she will 'help' dragging off newspapers and magazines for you to read, at teatime, pulling down the teacloth for drying up.  Waking me up in the morning at some terrible hour because the birds are singing.  She is definitely spoilt and wilful, but loved very much!

May Day came in with blue skies and sunshine, today the rain beats against the window.  So a somewhat belated Happy May Day to everyone


  1. I do envy you living so close to the beauty of the church and churchyard. Very calming influence I should think. Happy May day to you all too - including Lucy.
    Is the Tour de Yorkshire coming anywhere near you? It passes the end of my road at 1pm on Saturday.

  2. We are going to a church meeting at someone's house today, should be interesting. The future of this church rests fairly evenly between a few churchgoers and the secular element of the village, who love it because it is just there - Simon Jenkins had the right idea!
    Not sure if it will be coming down our road, though there is a 'feeding station' signposted. Definitely down the A171 though.


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