Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday 14th June

Order, Order;  Yes The House dissolved into another day of silly squabbles!  How can I live in a country with such an antiquated system of government and politicians who sound like a herd of over excited animals.  Whoops and an enormous spider has just flipped across the carpet, it must have come in to escape a very windy outside, Storm Hector has arrived. (All that hot air in parliament had to go somewhere!)
I have noticed unhappiness creeping into several blogs, there is no solution as this country creeps nearer to meltdown, what do we need? probably more people to pull together, as they did in the village yesterday.  Keith tackled the overgrown verge in front of the church with lawnmower and strimmer and then someone came along, think it must have been David and painted the bench, quietly done, no fuss.
Well I just went along to a local garden opening, the garden was beautiful and sooooooooo well kept. Delicious cakes went with the tea served, welcome to middle England, and I never thought I would say that.  Politeness reigned, the flowers bloomed, hard work everywhere.  Vegetables planted so neatly in rows (he was a farmer in another life), no weeds in the beds, wild flower meadow, it was like a sanctuary of peace and quietness.
And the icing on the cake, a couple of house martins on the green outside.

you can just see my two friends on the right.

Hawkweed in abundance
My blessing for the day would be: ;) May your vegetables grow in straight lines, and your mind rest easy in tranquility and peace.


  1. So beautiful. The sort of garden I would love but will never have as I'm not prepared for that much work!

  2. Exactly, my thoughts were, envious I am not, too much work, it just takes lots of different people to inhabit this world but making it beautiful as this garden is a triumph.

  3. Such a beautiful, restful garden - just what is needed with all the present turmoil Thelma.

  4. They must have worked very hard though but it was beautiful, the village is having a village showing of gardens this weekend, mine not included.

  5. Beautiful gardens---what I aspire to have but have, so far, not achieved. On the political front, we watch each week's Prime Minister's Questions. Yes, it is a noisy proceeding, but we can't begin to imagine Trump being so well prepared, coherent and well spoken as your Prime Minister and her questioners are. He would just insult the questioners.

  6. Well yes I can understand that about Trump, the problem with our parliament is they spend too much time yelling at the opposition and not enough time sorting out things.