Friday, June 8, 2018

Writing it out of the system ;)

So my sun will rise in the East
And my heart will be at peace.

Words from my favourite song, which I now and again play to give me courage, it is from Vangelis, I'll find My Way Home.  I found myself singing it as I went down the path next to the church yesterday, this was having just learnt that someone was suffering from the dreaded C and that things would change in this small world.
Last week was another event I have hardly mentioned though it worried me for days on end.  My daughter has just gone through a divorce, final decree had been settled (guess who settled;) and her erstwhile ex was getting remarried on Saturday, with three of my grandchildren going.  I wasn't happy about this, but said nothing after all this was their business and my grandchildren can hold their own in any company.  My worry was for my daughter, but she had gone off with her best friend for a meal.  
Divorce is a messy affair, but she will be much happier now, running her own life and the financial disaster that was her ex will now no longer have a hold on her family.  Paul and I had discussed what would happen if D ever turned up here, he had thought he would allow him a cup of tea and that was that, me no way!
We gather like the proverbial rolling stone, moss along the way, I don't actually hate D, he is free to do what he wants, maybe he could have contributed to his children's upkeep the last two years  but they know him for what he is and Matilda has used the excuse of exams all these last months to avoid a monthly visit.  I think his  sensitive son Ben has found it the most difficult, it is not easy seeing your father getting remarried.
Anyway it is all over and the future holds it promise, with the roof over their heads safe and secure from D's promise to throw them all out. 


  1. I am sorry for your sorrow, Thelma. I have lost friends thru cancer, but more have benefited from new treatments and are living healthy lives now. Do not give up hope. I have also had divorce in my family. It is devastating, but as times go by, things come together and life goes on, often for the better.

  2. Thats a kind thought, I occasionally get pessimistic but as you so rightly say, medical care can do wonders today. As for the divorce think it is a great relief for my daughter.

  3. The big C Thelma - still pierces our hearts doesn;t it but as Startin Over quite rightly says don't give up hope.
    As to divorce - my son divorced when his children were quite small and they stayed with their mother although he never lost touch. Now they are all grown up and all happy and have as much contact with one parent as the other. These things pass and the more love and care we give the quicker things take on a sense of normality. Best wishes to themall.

  4. Thanks Pat, my friend arrived yesterday, she got on the wrong train unfortunately, we sat at the station for a couple of hours ;)