Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend 11th June

Rievaulx Abbey.  Though we did not go in we managed to get into the new visitor centre and I photographed the tiles, different shapes, different styles.  Love the landscape round this deep valley. How many poor ponies and horses slogged down the steep lane bringing goods.

Saturday we went to Hutton-le-Hole for lunch, and Sunday it was The Vine at Helmsley Walled Garden.  Poor Lucy was so stiff this morning from all the walking, and then final indignity being clipped and washed at 5.0 clock, that she could not jump onto the settee.
My old neighbour J spent hours talking about the old times and my daughter Karen was happy to see her.  My daughter bought me a present (it looked like she was getting off the train with a rubbish bag.  But it contained a Jacob's fleece, which I shall have too wash, card and spin.
Trains are working fairly well, though J missed one connection because the first train was late.  She then got onto the wrong train at Leeds (late train arriving, not going to Scarborough but to Middlesborough. Anyway, if it ever happens to us, get off at Thirsk, take the train to York and try once more......
We are going back to The Vinery soon it is such a pretty place to eat, and the food has lots of vegetables and herbs.


  1. Rievaulx - one of my favourite places in the whole of Yorkshire.

    1. It has a marvellous atmosphere of timelessness Pat.

  2. We've never been to Rievaulx but it always looks so beautiful on tv. Wonderful tiles too. How it must have looked in its prime.

    Enjoy your fleece. I used to wash mine in the (2nd hand!) bath water, leaving it to soak overnight, and then letting is spin and drain in an old onion sack (gotten from the veg place at Abergwili.) I expect you have far too much respect for your bathroom to do this though, so I shall imagine you "treading water" with it out in a tin bath or similar on the lawn!

    I was washing an old quilt out by hand in the bath yesterday - I did it a few months ago but it still looked grubby (it was filthy when I bought it). I dried it flat until the sun moved, then put it over the line. Noticed this morning it had a tide mark on it, so I had to get out the Fairy Liquid and then hose it off. It STILL dried with a tide mark, so now I've had to put quilting pounce on it (chalk dust) and hope no-one notices when I come to sell it at the next big Fair!!

    Sorry to hear about family matters and hope you can come to terms with the worries.

    1. Just washed a small part of it and it has come up 'omo' white against the black and brown and soft, so I shall find my carders now. And yes, will not be allowed to wash it in the bath or washing machine! As for Karen she seems so much happier now, so I shall stop worrying till the next problem comes along.