Saturday, January 26, 2013


Experimenting with the new pipits (not sure they are called that) but yesterday with my dye pot to hand I chose emerald/purple/violet acid dyes they turned into  pretty green sea colours, and though I made mistakes and it does not look like space-dyed yarn should, the method has become a bit clearer.  The top photo is dried flowers from a bouquet sometime ago, I love dried flowers the way they fade into different colours, and a good source of inspiration for new colour ways.  The serving dish underneath is an 'onion' pattern with a translucent glaze a favourite piece...


  1. I am very interested to see you are dyeing. I stumbled upon a blogger showing "snow dyeing".

  2. Not sure what 'snow dyeing' is Kath, but throwing your persian rugs out in the snow cleans them apparently, haven't got one though ;)


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