Friday, January 25, 2013

More snow

Snow is on its way again, albeit briefly before rain and then flooding resumes.  I like snow, its pure white brilliance unsullied by human footprints scuffing it away, I like the tracks of the birds in the snow, I loved it in my old garden, and then when it arrived unexpectedly at Avebury whilst we were staying there for a week in a small cottage in 2007.  So as I have my Flickr photos to hand, some photos.  Flickr by the way is good for storage although you have to pay, even when you don't pay for a year or two, pay up and your photos will return....
We got up early to experience the snow at Avebury, bitterly cold and only a couple of photographers around to capture the magic of Avebury in the snow, I found the stones too harshly outlined, but as always loved the trees and the river.  Moss loved snow, he also loved sitting in the Bath garden, from a pup he would sit and contemplate the skies with all its bird life and wait for any cat to put a foot in the garden!  The only birds he could not stand was the grey and white wagtails in the car park at the Braythwaite Arms, a low growl, a tug of the lead and they would have been mincemeat in his eyes, goodness knows why........

This is down by the river, snow etches sharp lines  and almost draws the tree against the skyline

The Cove stones

Moss and the old stone by the green lane

Moss sitting happily in the Bath garden


  1. Lovely photos! All the snow has melted here, but we drove up into the Mendips this morning to visit the quilt shop and it's really deep up there still.

  2. Hi Kath,
    No more snow photos I shall concentrate on the coming of spring and flowers from now on I think ;) Do you go to the quilt shop in Bath?

  3. Those Cove Stones look amazing in the snow. I must say I agree with you about the onset of spring. Photogenic the snow may be but I've had enough now!