Saturday, February 9, 2013

A small dragon or the great crested newt

Creative Commons photo

Lovely story this morning, one single newt has held up construction at a new police building in Durham, and he is not even awake but sleeps to May when he will wake up and face the world.
The Natural England body are responsible for this ruling as we all know that the Great Crested Newt is officially protected by the state.  Could they please ask the newts to produce more so that we can protect the great swathe of countryside to be destroyed by the new rail link HS2.  Apart from the fact that arriving 'up North' may get you there faster by half an hour or so, but can you imagine the cost of all these high speed trains, they will only be for the elite, perhaps less first class carriages and more second classes might be in order.....
The pond in the old Bath garden, was a delight in spring, one had to get over the early fling of frogs marching down to the pond and then almost drowning the poor female frog as they mated and then the cannibalism of the tadpoles but enough survived for the next year, tiny baby froglets hiding in the flowerbeds.  But come May, turquoise and red damselflies, the skins of the 'nymphs' after emergence from the water caught on the reeds, the soft noses of the common newts as they flowed quietly through the water, a pond is a place to dream by and watch the emergence of its creatures..... roll on summer...


  1. I love newts! We had a large pond in our old garden with a big colony of newts. We used to love sitting on the edge, peering down at them moving through the water, like tiny crocodiles.

  2. Yes they are like miniature crocodiles, when we first dug the pond, I left the pond liner folded up inside the dug out hole, and next morning there were two newts inside obviously waiting for the pond to be filled.....

  3. They are absolutely beautiful. Never seen one but we do have a lot of the other ones here.

  4. Hi Em, Do you have frogs up there as well. Know that sounds daft but it does seem many creatures live nearer towns than out in the wilds.