Sunday, February 3, 2013

To Play

Lately it has been all spinning and knitting, I had contemplated making a quilt but could not find a pattern in my mind to make.  So this from Ann Miles blog intrigues me, just sitting and making things in a journal, collecting the things I love, poetry art, needlework a blend of those things that make up a 'magpie' mind. Dragging out my commonplace books, poetry I've collected, the children as well when they first wrote their first few lines.
So where to start, well there is plenty of  Japanese papers to choose from, two baskets full of materials, the only other things I need is some watercolours, my computer can be used for imaging.  Facebook introduces you to lots of art work, also designers and ideas, and Pininterest to the gorgeous, though what I can only describe as very  OTT........

I have been following Ravilious online and then this popped up this morning, David Inshaw's painting of a Bonfire, one of the Ruralist's painters.....Why do they appeal these early 20th century artist, Paul Nash, John Piper, the Brotherhood of Ruralist and Ravilious, the answer came as I looked at the hardcover of Geoffrey Grigson's The Shell Country Alphabet, (From Apple Trees to Stone Circles, How to Understand the British Countryside) the simple drawing of the countryside before its rape by motorways and the continuous passage of cars. Was it a gentler time? cannot answer that but Wordsworth's words, gives an apt description of why we so love the country we live in....

Not in Utopia - subterranean fields -
Or some secreted island, Heaven knows where!
But in the very world, which is the world
Of all of us, - the place where, in the end,
We find our happiness, or not at all.


  1. I really enjoyed Ann's blog - thank you. I love pinterest too, especially that brilliant little 'PIN IT' icon you can put on your bookmarks bar.

  2. Hi Em, Glad you enjoyed Ann's blog she has several on the go. Only just been introduced to Pininterest, not sure how it works, like putting stuff on but I'm I will learn one day..