Thursday, February 28, 2013

Circular walk or 'Edgeland'

Snowdrops growing in a little copse

the copse

Old weeping willow by the river, already colouring up for spring

Sandford Lock

First walk for ages mostly to see if the snowdrops were up along the lane, must have been planted years ago for the plants to have spread so much. This lane is a back lane that potters along the river, we had driven along part of it a couple of weeks ago, and had stopped because of flooding, as a council lorry splashed through two feet of water, we had to reverse all the way back.

There is a lot of land on the outskirts of Chelmsford, below the river's level and also plenty of water meadows, which seem to be coming under threat of development of houses, rather stupid given the increased rain fall. The developer has already put 'private land do not trespass' along a much used path, but someone has put up a pole with a 'no digger sign' on it, let battle commence!  Anyway we met the most gorgeous collie pup along the path, frisking away with great delight.....


  1. Lovely! I particularly liked the old willow tree dipping its branches.

  2. I'm hankering for a puppy to be a Snippet friend so any mention of them gets me excited!

  3. Hi Kath, there is something about old willows trailing their branches in the water, Tolkien's Old Man Willow comes to mind.

  4. Hi Em,
    It was a gorgeous black and white silky haired 5 month old collie, wish I had taken a photo, but he was all over us in his excitement to love and please. Don't make Snippet jealous though and bringing up a puppy though not quite as bad as bringing up a child can get exhausting!