Monday, February 25, 2013

Summer Green

Just a photo of the little River Solva outside the Solva Woollen mill to remind me that the world will eventually turn green.  The lush verdant green hues of Wales, is for me a poem written in the landscape. 
Goodness knows what the line is across, but the brown clear sparkling water makes a pleasant sound.

Time catches at my heel at the moment, things to do etc, but as I was just preparing a lamb stew Jan Morris's The Matter of Wales book came to my mind, a lovely evocative description of its history and people... so to take the first paragraph;

"To look at the nature of Wales is deceptive.  Within its small expanse the style of terrain changes so often, the mountainous countryside is so constantly corrugated, this way and that, by ridges, valleys, lakes and passes, the sea appears so often, and so unexpectedly, at the ends of vistas or around the flanks of hills - the scene in short is so cunningly variegated that it sometimes seems not natural at all, but like some elegantly conceived parkland or domain"

My paperback book is yellowing with age, it says inside 1986, the sub title Epic Views of a Small Country and I shall read it once again, but for those of us who love those bleak grey chapels, soft hills and clear tumbling waters Wales has an indefinable magic,


  1. What a glorious picture of green leaves over the stream. We walked along there a few years ago, during a week in Pembrokeshire. We had plenty of rain, but Wales would not be so green and beautiful without it.

  2. I'm glad you showed these lovely green photos, I was beginning to think summer was just a figment of my imagination! I can't remember what it feels like to have sun on my skin!
    You have summed up Wales very nicely in just a few words. It is the land where 3 of my 4 Grandparents come from and has a strange pull for me.

  3. Kath is right - you've helped bring a little green hope!

  4. Hi to you all,

    I think the weather is so grey and gloomy at the moment in this part of the country anyway, and cold of course that anything looking a bit like summer does lift the soul if only for a brief moment ;)