Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Dogger Bank or Dogger land;  Yesterday I read in the Whitby Gazette that there is a proposed wind farm to be situated on this shallow part of the North Sea.  Now the Shipping Forecast in the early morning is a joy as we make our way round this coastal island of ours, the names ring out like a song, and Dogger land: The Mesolithic Landscapes of the Southern North Sea  is of course a book detailing the archaeological and environmental nature of this piece of sunken land that once joined us to Europe.
This off-shore wind turbine farm is to be one of the biggest wind farms in the world with apparently 2000 turbines, though it presumably has to go through more vigourous soundings out before work starts in 2014/2015.
So Whitby is happy, with an eye on future jobs and it may be the port for all the comings and goings for the whole infrastructure that will accompany the setting up of turbines in the sea. Why so large is one question to ask, what about shipping and what about the fact that this is a highly prolific fishing area?  Basically I do not have a beef about wind turbines, we need energy and they are one form, do believe though that small is beautiful and this is hardly so, we shall see how it all pans out.

Yesterday my books arrived from Waterstones, switching custom from Amazon the last few months has not been easy, but until they pay their taxes Amazon is off my list....
Jackie Morris's Dragon book is to be a 'collectible', always wanted to collect the Victorian children's books years ago but they were always a bit too expensive... P.D.James is a favourite, love detective stories, and her 'Death Comes to Pemberley' her sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has been well reviewed.  As for Nan Shepherd, she is being classed alongside Robert Macfarlane for wilderness writing, so another must.....



  1. I might actually try the PD James. I've never really fancied a sequel to such great novels but if anyone might do a decent job it might be her!

  2. It's not bad, neither is Waterstone, their prices are comparable with Amazon snd free delivery, though it takes quite a while coming...