Monday, May 27, 2013

Blakes Wood and Bluebells

We had almost missed the bluebells in Blakes Wood, but they had appeared along with the stitch wort and yellow archangel, both happy woodland plants.  The growth is sumptuous, the colours of late spring so fresh  and newly formed.  Whenever you come across bluebells in a wood, the eye and imagination is caught by the dappled sunshine and that blue colour which is almost impossible to describe as it takes on a life of its own caught in the shadows of the trees.  

Stitch wort 

Yellow Archangel


Bluebells, coppicing and shade

clear back and regeneration


  1. Lovely to see the woods. My brother has bought a large property which includes woods. It is completely over grown and neglected and he is planning to thin it and let the light in, so I was interested to see that last photo.

  2. Stitchwort is one of my favourites. We have a little tract of woodland fairly close where it mixes with the bluebells and looks fabulous. I haven't managed to get a decent picture of it yet.

  3. Hi Kath, hope your brother will have fun but I'm sure it is hard work owning woods. In the regeneration photo behind the recent cuttings is another small block done two years ago and there is 12 to 14 foot coppicing growing. They seem to leave the brushwood (great piles) to rot down.

  4. Hi Em, well I'm sure it will be a good photo, stitchwort is quite common around here, you can follow it through on the old bank hedges, herbicides have not quite killed it off!