Friday, May 3, 2013


Tessa is a 12 week old border collie puppy and yesterday (thursday) our friend Roy drove down from his home in Cornwall to Heathrow Airport to put her on a plane to America to Chicago to her new home.  Unfortunately, let us say it was a 'cock up' she was sent to San Diego instead.  This is a three month old pup, leaving her mother and litter behind, stressful enough, but one of the requirements was that she was not fed, so an empty stomach as well.
This is to be the rest of the journey.........

 I can't apologize enough for the added stress in moving your puppy. with pet express has her set up for Delta flight 1406 departing at 1055 p.m tonight arriving in Detroit at 0623 tomorrow morning the connecting flight is Delta 6070 departing at 8:51 arriving Grand Rapids at 9:44 tomorrow morning.The agent for Pet Express will call you in the morning........ 

Apart from the worry by both Roy and the new owner, all this travel for a small pup is not good, not sure what the moral of the story is, perhaps do not rely on British Airways to ship animals, anyway they are getting a very strong complaint from Roy.

As everyone must have gathered by now I hate cruelty, so my concerns are with a young puppy who has not been allowed food on flight, hopefully she will have been fed in between flights and hopefully strongly worded emails will have some effect.......

 JCS said she was not to be fed as it was not allowed before wheels up and would be fed on arrival at Chicago. That would mean she would be going without food for over 24 hours before arriving in the USA. If the same policy was enforced prior to her two further connecting flights then she is going to be in serious trouble both physically and mentally. Can you confirm to me please that she was fed and watered on arrival at San Diego or prior to any further flights.

Not sure what poor Tessa must be feeling but I'm sure everyone will be thankful when she finally arrives at her new home.

Update; 4th May she has arrived safely thank goodness.


  1. Oh poor pup, what an ordeal.

  2. I'm feeling particularly emotional today and that hasn't helped! I agree with you - cruelty is unforgivable and that poor pup must be completely traumatised. Remind me never to send an animal by plane!

  3. Well hopefully there will be better news in a couple of days. Hope your fragile emotions get better Em ;) it's rotten being miserable...