Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching up

Catching up... We went for the most glorious drive to find a prehistoric stone the other day, it is called Wade's Stone (north), it all began when we turned off the main road and followed one of those little lanes to the sea. Past muddy road farm houses, and then sharp downward travel amongst old woods, three fords we crossed.
The woods were in that old stage, trees falling over on their own volition, mossy green from the damp air and the faint haze of bluebells in the depths of the wood.  Wind anemones clung to the banks, not quite open but shaking their white heads in the faint breeze.  Ransoms on the verge as well, introduced LS to the taste and we brought some home, to be used sparingly in cooking - very sharp and garlicky. 
The stone we found easily, as the farmer and his friendly wife were just parked near the gate to the fields we had to walk through; instructions were don't take bags as the sheep will think you are coming to feed them.
The first field we walked through had the remains of a largish olive coloured egg, maybe pheasant, also little lamb tails.  Second field held the selfsame lambs and their mothers, nonchalantly lounging about, the lambs in pairs playing around the stone.  This stone has been restored (it fell over) by North York Moors organisation, and there is a companion stone about half a kilometre away, the South one, which we saw but did not walk up to.  Perhaps they are marking stones to the sea.  
Had to get back for a lunch date with my daughter and her husband, and we tried the food at Wetherstone, cheap with a drink thrown in, but not good the food, they need a better cook.
It is a shame I have no photos of the wild flowers to put on and not being able to put them together with my diary/blog means that I shall seriously think of a new computer soon.


  1. I know how you feel about the photos - I had to re-use some from last year's garden for my current post. I hope Danny will help me transfer everything across (probably quicker than me too).

    An interesting walk to the standing stone. Does it have a history attached to it?

  2. I hope you get the pictures sorted soon. I'd just have to give up for a while I think!

  3. Hi Jennie, not much of a history, Wade is the giant who made the Hole of Horcum, therefore these two stones might be thrown from there. Someone said that Wade would have had to be a mile high to do it though, and of coursr you have to believe in giants...

  4. Hi Em, yes I am giving up, tried the lead and camera on Matilda's computer and it worked fine. My son-in-law lent me a memory stick pro-reader but that did not work either so it is the fault of this computer. Will talk to the other computer expert in the family my son, probably he will say get a new one!