Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last of the photos

You have to read these three photos backwards, it is the emergence of the yellow dredger as it goes out to sea.  The bridge has to be opened and all foot traffic and cars wait while boats sail under. Great crowds of tourists pass over this bridge which connects the two sides of Whitby, and when it was closed last year for refurbishment people were bussed round over the new bridge. 
Strangely LS is homesick for Whitby, it does get into your blood this vivid little town, summer tourists we could do without; wander along the left hand side of the quay and your senses are assaulted with a 'Southend' atmosphere, and you cannot move for the crush of people.  Yet its charm of old cottages and yards and the jumble of houses that totter precariously over the quay is a reminder of times past.

The bridge opening

Matilda not pulling faces for the camera

Lillie, yes this is a normal going out outfit! always ready for the camera.

Two of my grandchildren, Ben has grown like all our male teenagers into the person who lives up in his room playing games. 


  1. Lillie you need to come and live in Glastonbury, you'd fit right in :-D

  2. The portrait of Matilda is beautiful....worthy of blowing up and framing I think.

  3. Hi Kath, yes she would be just right for Glastonbury, her 'sense of dress' is always original....

    Hi Em, That is an idea, she does not like having photos taken at the moment but that one captures her nature....