Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coggeshall two

More photos, which speak for themselves.  Reading about the medieval timbered houses, the question must always come up why the jetty overhang?  Sense tells us it kept the rain off the plaster but there are other reasons. One being that it increased the size of the room, another that it 'balanced' the floor above on the floor beams, also by splitting the house in two you used shorter lengths of timber.

Jettied house
Tall chimneys and a roof top 'tea room'. Sometimes you can see these on farms as well, tea with one's friends and a view over the surrounding countryside

Centre of Coggeshall

Pargetting, the problem with the method is that the more you apply paint or limewash, it takes the pattern off, so that what you see is not the original but the 'spirit' repaired time and time again.

These lovely carved horizontal timber inserts were to be found on many houses, fish, dragons, and plants, this is dated 1565 I think.

Just so hate nationalistic flags, but this house has pargetting as well.

Clean lines


  1. Looks a nice place - there is a surprising lack of traffic and/or people about - did you take the photographs early in the morning?

  2. No, but I think it was due to the hot weather, there was a few market stalls in the morning, but they had disappeared by lunchtime.