Thursday, July 11, 2013

Evening time

Chief today lording it over the Cheesewring; photo courtsey

Not been writing much lately as busy with spinning, a kilo of black shetland wool and a kilo of merino arrived in the post a couple of days ago., and as we have no visitors at the moment I have been spinning. Today I had to renew the drive band (string that makes the wheel go round) which took sometime, but in the end it was beautifully spliced and running smoothly..  At some stage I shall put my knitting projects online, but the whole business of transferring from one computer to another takes time.  The black shetland fleece is much coarser than the bluefaced leicester which I had been spinning, but it is expensive, though knocks spots off the merino because the wool has a sheen that the dull merino does not have.
Above a photo arriving this evening from someone else, Chief at the Cheesewring, look at that glorious view behind him and yes I am envious.  There is a tale to tell of Jan, I think one of his numerous offsprings.  If you remember I posted a video of this young four month old pup, rounding up the sheep all on her own   with no training whatsoever.   In actual fact she will not start training till about 8 months old.  But the other day, the door was left open because she is still not properly house trained.  'Wow' she must have thought, dashed up to the sheep paddock, rounded them up and brought them down to the yard all by herself.  Unfortunately all the other dogs began to bark and there was chaos and confusion as the sheep rushed around and the back door got broken as well. 
Engraving of the seven mounds!
Saturday we are taking a trip to Bartlow Mounds,  Romano-British burial mounds, very tall and interesting history to boot.  Being so near to the coastline Essex (though it is in Cambridgeshire now due to boundary change) lots of exchange with the continent and the Belgic Gauls accounts for this strangely original cemetery.

One of the three mounds remaining, hemmed in by woods they rise like puddings.

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