Sunday, July 7, 2013

In answer to BB

The Ringlemere cup was only found in 2001 Jennie, and the following two photos show what it looks like, not  very good photos.  Considering work on any artefact may take a long time they are probably going to leave it crumpled alongside the Rillaton Cup as it is very similar.  Fascinating Wiki tale here of the story about Ringlemere being found by a metal detectorist when out looking for a Saxon burial, and the machinations that followed after with the archaeologists.  The cup had been recently destroyed by deep ploughing, does not look mendable.

Link to British Museum PDF

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  1. THAT'S the name of it - it was eluding me (two 4.30 a.m. starts in a row . . .) I'll read up and come back to you later. MANY thanks Thelma.