Friday, July 5, 2013

This and That

Twiddling my thumbs, as we are going up to the British Museum this morning in an hour or so, cannot spin or do any gardening..  The weather is warm, do not fancy the tube ride, but we will meet our friends for lunch and a tour of the Japanese Conservation studio in the museum. We shall also try and find the Rillaton Cup in the museum which is supposed to be in room 50.
We have eaten out the last three nights running and I am getting tired of restaurant food, and fancy a fish pie.
The other night as we opened the back gate a dark small creature scurried across the lawn, it was the hedgehog we had rescued last autumn, we had seen evidence of its occupancy but it was good to see the little fellow still around.
My mind is still in Cornwall, amongst the stone circles and that cold wind across the moors, the ponies must be hardy creatures, and I can remember that young pony who came trotting into the village of Minions neighing sadly for his family? don't know, but he surveyed the village green before trotting off again.
My daughter's house in Whitby seems to have been sold, so they are off looking for a house in Todmorden, on the west side of Yorkshire, not sure how the family will like this side of the world, but it could well be that in September when we go down they won't be there anymore. The cottage has quite a few bookings and we shall keep it for the time being, all that work that went into it and it has become part of the family but it will be sad without them there.
I see I was going to write about teabags, Asda our local supermarket does not keep loose tea on the shelves  anymore which is very annoying, what I mean about loose tea is proper tea leaves you spoon into teapots, instead of 'dust' teabags.  Apparently the outer covering is supposedly paper but some teabags coverings have plastic compounds in them.  It may all be a load of nonsense of course who knows but the fact is we should be able to have choice and not be pushed along by supermarkets who find it easier to offer only one type.


  1. How sad to be leaving Whitby for Todmorden. Of course, if it is more convenient for work etc. then it is probably a necessary move. I live not too far from Whitby and have always thought it a wonderful place to live (I expect I would get tired of visitors in the Summer and Goths etc.) I hope you enjoyed your day at the BM and that you managed to find a fish pie.

  2. That is sad news, about your family relocating from Whitby to Todmorden, as I know you enjoyed having them close by whilst you were at the cottage.

    I trust you had a good time at the British Museum (says she enviously!) and I hope that you located the Rillaton Cup. And that you get the longed-for Fish Pie tonight! Sounds like you have had too much of a good thing with the meals out 3 in a row.

    I am sure the young pony searching for his family soon located them. These herds normally have set grazing patterns and he was obviously not paying attention when they moved on!

    As for the teabags, I read that same article and am having a cup of Earl Grey "dust" as I write! I was thinking about going back to leaf tea too, and gladly that seems to be still stocked where we shop (Morrisons).

  3. I do hope you had a good day at the BM in the cool. I bet the tube was horrible though. When we were in London last year in the excruciating heat, we discovered that the North London Line overground trains are air conditioned which was fantastic. We almost didn't get off.

    Sorry about the relocation. I've been a serial mover over the years in a way that my grandparents would never have dreamed of. They were in the same house after the war for over fifty years. My younger friends don't seem bothered by moving at all and find their sense of security elsewhere obviously!

  4. Hi Weaver of Grass, Whitby is a strangely wonderful place, we don't go in summer because of the tourists, it really does get crowded but the Goths are very interesting. Yes it is work related the move to Tormorden, they need jobs both of them, but again I find Tormorden slightly dismal....

  5. Hi Jennie, just about to write up the visit, yes we found the Rillaton Cup alongside another crumpled one.
    As for tea, I suppose the 'convenience' of teabags outweighs the return to loose tea, but it is definitely much better and we should have the choice.

  6. Hi Em, moving around is the problem of course, it probably started in the 60s, the breaking of the bond with home ground. Jobs elsewhere, relocating to 'nicer' areas, it has all taken its toll, only wanting to settle down in one quiet spot when we get older. Still it is sad they are moving on, and we will be able to visit them, it is about 100 mile journey.